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Senior Data Scientist II

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Data Science
Alpharetta, GA, USA
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2023

About the business:

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is the essential partner in the assessment of risk. Within our Business Services division, we help our customers solve difficult problems in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing, Identity Authentication & Verification, Fraud and Credit Risk mitigation and Customer Data Management. We are a fast-growing division of the RELX Group, and the convergence of many industry-leading solutions are providing LexisNexis Risk with significant opportunity for future growth. You can learn more about LexisNexis Risk at the link below.​

https://risk.lexisnexis.com/ ​

About the team:

We are Life Analytics Team, a collection of data scientists working together to create innovative solutions for life carriers, build new products, and provide in-depth analysis and insight to our internal and external clients. Our primary focus is on mortality risk modeling and analysis utilizing data gathered from public records, credit history, driving behavior, medical profile, and more.

About the job:

A Senior Data Scientist II should be able to define scope of a project and execute that project independently. Individuals in this role are expected to support the development and training of junior staff. They develop best practices and are the project leaders.

You will be responsible for:

  • Researching and developing statistical/machine learning models to analyze structured and unstructured data by ideating and experimenting with new methodologies to generate predictive scores and attributes.
  • Leading the design and development of data acquisition and machine learning models to produce key attributes that can leverage in risk segmentation models.
  • Ideating, researching, and designing new and innovative analytics and data science methodologies on large scale and complex data assets.
  • Storing, archiving, indexing, transferring, and analyzing large and complex datasets (structured and unstructured data).
  • Working with peers to share subject matter expertise, transfer skills, and develop knowledge base.
  • Exploring and mining new data sources to help optimize and validate existing models.
  • Having a thorough understanding of the team's core functions and technologies.
  • Staying current on emerging knowledge and technologies that impact the team's success and performance.
  • Being consulted by internal stakeholders to assess and troubleshoot challenges requiring their functional expertise.
  • Making important contributions to the team's success using their technical and professional expertise.
  • Applying organization and/or business knowledge to address issues facing the team.
  • Helping develop and articulate a sound business and technical strategy for the team.
  • Successfully applying expertise to advance the team's objectives.
  • Welcoming new ideas and methods to establish and achieve stretch goals within the team.
  • Establishing high standards that elevate the team's performance and benefit everyone on the team.
  • Consistently communicating team goals and milestone achievements to internal stakeholders.
  • Accepting new approaches and ideas from the team.
  • Encouraging internal stakeholders to share best practices and new ideas with the team.
  • Taking measures to advance new ideas within the team rather than discourage them.
  • All other duties as assigned.


Preferred Academic Background and Professional Experience

  • Minimum undergraduate degree in relevant field and 4+ years of relevant work experience
  •  Or a master’s degree in a relevant field and 2+ years of relevant work experience.
  •  Or a PhD in a relevant field.

Technical/Professional Expertise

  • Able to build or test new processes with senior guidance. Domain expert in Data Science and/or Statistical Analysis to build advanced models and roll into production.
  • Able to scope out and execute new statistical steps with support/approval from senior contacts.

Data Skills

  • Independently creates typical data steps to prepare and process data for analysis.
  • Understands and utilizes novel data steps to prepare and process data for analysis.

Coding Skills

  • Works across coding languages used in Data Science (e.g. Python, SQL, R, Java, and C++)
  • Chooses the right coding language to implement the solution to answer the business questions.

             Project Management Skills

  • Develops project milestones and steps and independently executes for small-scale projects.
  • Independently executes project steps for more complex projects.

Domain/Industry Skills

  • Expertise in the basic methods common to the discipline, industry, and domain.
  • Develops a basic understanding of adjacent approaches common to the discipline, industry, and domain.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Establishes stretch goals.
  • Willing to take risks and support team members and peers who do the same.
  • Keeps innovative efforts focused on the strategic needs of the team.
  • Takes initiative.
  • Proactively takes on issues negatively impacting the team.
  • Treats others with respect
  • Takes initiative to lead the team to address challenges within the scope of the team's responsibilities.
  • Fosters a team environment that emphasizes going above and beyond in action and accountability.
  • Can be counted on to uphold team commitments.

Culture and Benefits:

Learn more about the LexisNexis Risk team and how we work here.