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Sales Development Representative, Business Services (Hybrid)

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Sales & Business Development
London, UK · London, ON, Canada
Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2023

About the business: 


LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides customers with solutions and decision tools that combine public and industry specific content with advanced technology and analytics to assist them in evaluating and predicting risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

We use the power of data and advanced analytics to help our customers make better, timelier decisions. Our innovative solutions enable organisations to manage risks like identity theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorism, and prevent financial crimes.


You’ll be responsible for: 

  • Prospecting:  SDRs are responsible for identifying potential customers through various channels, such as cold calling, email outreach, social media, and networking. You will research and gather information on target accounts and decision-makers to create a targeted and personalised approach.
  • Lead qualification: SDRs qualify leads to determine if they meet the criteria set by the sales team. They engage in conversations with leads to assess their needs, budget, timeline, and buying intent. SDRs use effective questioning techniques to uncover pain points and understand how LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can solve their problems.​
  • Lead nurturing: SDRs build relationships with leads through ongoing communication and follow-up. They provide relevant information, resources, and insights to educate and engage leads, keeping them interested and informed about the company's offerings. SDRs leverage marketing materials, case studies, and customer success stories to demonstrate the value and benefits of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions products.
  • Appointment setting: SDRs aim to schedule appointments or product demos with qualified leads and the sales team. They use persuasive communication skills to convince leads of the value of a meeting and overcome objections or reservations. SDRs coordinate schedules and ensure that all necessary information is provided to the sales team to successfully engage with the lead.
  • Sales collaboration: SDRs work closely with the sales team to align on target accounts, messaging, and strategies. They provide regular updates on lead quality, feedback on prospecting efforts, and insights on market trends. SDRs collaborate with sales reps to share knowledge, best practices, and customer insights to improve the overall sales process.
  • CRM management: SDRs use customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and manage leads. They update lead information, document interactions, and maintain accurate records of prospecting activities. SDRs use CRM data to analyse and report on their performance, as well as to provide valuable insights to the sales and marketing teams.
  • Continuous learning and improvement: SDRs stay updated on industry trends, market dynamics, and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions product offerings. They continuously improve their prospecting, communication, and sales skills through training, coaching, and self-development. SDRs actively seek feedback from colleagues and managers to refine their approach and achieve better results

In summary, the role of an SDR is to generate leads, qualify prospects, nurture relationships, and set appointments or demos for the sales team. SDRs play a critical role in the sales funnel by identifying potential customers, engaging with them, and ensuring a smooth handover to the sales team. Their efforts contribute to the overall sales pipeline and revenue growth of the organisation.


  • Previous experience in a sales or customer-facing role is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to engage prospects and build rapport.​
  • Strong organisational skills and the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.​
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented, with a strong desire to succeed and drive results.​
  • Proficiency in using CRM systems and other sales tools to track and manage leads.​
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment, collaborating with sales reps, marketing, and other stakeholders.

Culture and benefits: 

​Learn more about the LexisNexis Risk team and how we work here